What have I done this time???

  Rich509a 16:37 15 Jun 04

Why do i bother with these bloody machines? I wonder if anyone can help. A few days ago I was online and suddenly the PC reset! I was doing nothing out of the oridinary at the time. When it rebooted the monitor was blank! After a reset, still blank. I can boot in safe mode ok. I have restored the PC back to the settings of a few weeks ago with no luck. A virus check revealed nothing!! I haven't installed any hardware or software in months.

Anyone got a clue???? Please.


  SANTOS7 10:13 16 Jun 04

it may be some thing simple as a loose connection make sure cable into monitor is fitted ok, when you reboot listen for the beeps you get on startup if more than one we can detect what may be wrong

  Gongoozler 10:14 16 Jun 04

You don't tell us anything about what your computer is, or what version of Windows you are using. However the symptoms you describe suggest that your graphics driver has been corrupted. To cure this, uninstall and then reinstall the driver. A common cause of this problem is not a virus, but badly written spyware. This is software that is downloaded to your computer to spy on your surfing habits so that you can be targetted with advertising. Download and run AdAware from Lavasoft. click here.

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