What has happened to my Sound

  GBL 09:59 23 May 05

I have a TFT monitor and on-board sound, everything was fine until I decided to use stand alone speakers instead of the ones in the monitor. Now I can hardly hear the sound despite putting it on full volume. The normal MS sounds are OK it is just any CD or from My Music.

Have I damaged the on-board sound as I did inavertantly put it in the wrong jack socket first.

It makes no diference to which speakers I now use the sound is faint.

Any suggestions??

  Stuartli 10:58 23 May 05

In Device Manager>Sound and Audio Devices>Gebneral tab check that the Volume level is at maximum. In the Advanced tab ensure that your type of speaker setup is Enabled from the menu.

Then click on the Volume icon in the Notification tray and check that all the sliders are set to maximum where they are required and that nothing has been Muted that shouldn't be.

There are also Mute controls in Windows Media Player and similar programs - check that they have not been enabled.

It's mostly a question of checking all the sound configurations.

  Stuartli 11:00 23 May 05

Also recheck in the Bios that onboard sound is still Enabled and, in Sound and Audio Devices, that it is the Device used.

  GBL 11:11 23 May 05

Everything is as it was, it was OK up to installing the speakers then it all went haywire.

Have checked and rechecked the settings, even when back to the onboard speakers the sound has all but gone.

I can't see how the settings would alter when all I did was plug in speakers.

  mole44 11:16 23 May 05

try reinstalling the sound card you have or go to the companys web site and download and run these.this should reset everthing,you could of course use restore if your using XP.

  mole44 11:17 23 May 05

i`ve boobed,should have said sound card drivers.

  GBL 11:19 23 May 05

Already done that with no effect.

  Stuartli 11:24 23 May 05

We are talking about onboard sound.


I presume you have checked your audio device is working correctly from Device Manager?

I'm a bit puzzled, by the way, as to why you say you "installed" the speakers.

  GBL 11:33 23 May 05

I mean that I unplugged the monitor speakers and plugged in the stand alone ones,at the back of the PC case that is all.
But even when I revert back the sound is faint even when on full volume.

Yes onboard sound, that is why I wonder whether I have broken it.But the normal MS sound is OK.I.e when logging on etc

  Micro-Man 13:15 23 May 05

If your external speakers are not powered then thats your trouble as most modern sound cards assume that there is an amplifier in the speakers themselves.

  Micro-Man 13:17 23 May 05

Note the green socket tends to be for speakers, the red for mike and the blue for line in though the blue tends to change if you're using more than 2 speakers as it can be the front pair in the set-up options.

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