What hardware/software to buy for printing?

  i-dunno 30 Mar 10

Hi all,
I am looking for the right hardware and/or software for my business. I primarily need to be able to construct and print monthly sales presentation offers. These need to be of a high professional spec.
I've used office and powerpoint and they are ok for basic printing of images, but I now need to move into the 21st century!

Any help would be gratefully received.

  wiz-king 31 Mar 10

Come on! Give us some clues! 10 or 10,000, one page flyer with text and a photo or small booklets?

  wee eddie 31 Mar 10

A question:

Are you going to print these yourself or send them out?

An answer:

'but not necessarily the one you want'

If, the latter, I believe that a Mac and Quark (Express) which is the Industry standard software but you may have to pay £2,000, or so, for the two. This is not something that you can start using on a whim, there is a steep learning curve.

There are many, simpler, cheaper, programs out there and you can use a PC, but don't use M$ Publisher, no-one can read it's files.

  i-dunno 31 Mar 10

Ok Wiz-king, I suppose I was being a bit vague!

I need to be able to print off an A4 sized promotions sheet, doing approx 300 a month.
I want to be able to get images printed to a high quality as a background and be able to overlap it with print.

I am a sole trader in the hair and beauty business. These promotions sheets would be dropped into the salons every month with different monthly deals on them. As I am competing against the likes of L'oreal, wella etc, I need my marketing to be of a high quality, yet be possible for myself to accomplish!

As I said before, I've used powerpoint and word in the past, but it just looks too basic for my needs.

  i-dunno 31 Mar 10

Cheers wee eddie.

  wee eddie 31 Mar 10

You need:

1. a PC ~ almost basic one will do. say £400 - £500.

2. A colour Laser Printer ~ see the PCA Reviews for recommendations, but £300 should do the trick. Even though Colour Lasers do not print at quite quality of Ink-jets, the page quality is good, it's faster, waterproof and the cost, per page, is considerably less.

3. Desktop Publishing Program ~ Serif has a good reputation and has a 'free' Version click here

  i-dunno 01 Apr 10

Thanks for your advice Eddie. That looks as though it'll do the job. Much appreciated.

  wiz-king 02 Apr 10

If the pictures you use are 'commercial' ones make sure you have the owners permission to use them. click here there are plenty of free images out there a sample click here

  HondaMan 30 Dec 10

I use an OKI C5600DN and its colour prints are great. That model is now out of production, but there are newer and probably better printers in OKI's on-line store. I also use Serif Page Plus X5 and have useds Serif's software ( and others ) for many years. Logon to click here and check out its offerings, but do not pay the suggested prices. They are always having special offers!

  Mike_tech 06 Apr 11

I use HP printer & software. It's good for me.

  Chris the Ancient 07 Apr 11

This thread was started over a year ago.

I would suspect it was resolved but no ticked.


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