What Graphics Card will allow me 3 extended displays?

  StevenE586 22 Oct 11


I am wanting to install a new graphics card(s) that will allow me to have three or more extended displays from my laptop but i dont know which one to buy and dont want to spend a fortune... Anyone any ideas?

Thanx Steven

  aquatarkus 22 Oct 11

You can't install a new graphics card in a laptop, they are normally integrated into the motherboard / cpu in the case of the Intel i3, i5 and i7 cpu's. you dont say what make of laptop you have but it will have a vga socket which you can use to connect to a projector or a LDC tv / monitor and run that as a dual display configuration. If it is a new laptop then it will probably have a HDMI socket to which you can connect a HD TV or projector. There is only one solution to be able to run 3 monitors from your laptop and that is made by a company called Matrox. have a look here http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/gxm/th2go/ You say you don't want to spend a fortune but your going to be looking at about £150 - £200 for the Triple head version



  StevenE586 22 Oct 11

But can i not run external graphics cards? Or would it be cheaper from a desktop?

Laptop =Acer

  aquatarkus 22 Oct 11

Think you might be getting yourself a bit confused. There are no real external graphics cards for laptops.

There are however usb to vga adaptors that can run a second monitor but these are very basic and as far as i can tell have no hardware video exceleration. I.E very poor for video and hopeless for games.

There are also video over cat5e and cat6 network cable but this again will not do what you want. I am presuming the you have seen the ATI surround gaming triple monitor displays or the nvidia versions and thats what you are attempting to do if so then you really should be looking at a desktop with something like the ATI 6500 or 6600 series cards.




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