What Graphics Card do i have?

  Major Disaster 13:44 29 Jul 05

I have just reformated and reintsalled windows xp pro on this laptop and i want to update the graphics drivers, but im not sure what graphics card i have and so what drivers i need.
The computer is a dell inspiron 2650 and in system information its telling me that i have Name:Dell 2650, but adapter type GeForce2 Go, NVIDIA compatible, but the adapter description is a 2650!
What do i have and where do i go for drivers?

  Cuddles 13:52 29 Jul 05

Have a look here click here

  keef66 14:02 29 Jul 05
  Completealias 15:05 29 Jul 05

From what i've found you have a geforce2 go 100 click here is that your laptop you can find the drivers from the dell website here click here

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