What graphics card?

  SkyDragon 13:56 23 Mar 08

My previous PC had the following Configuration:

- 3800+ Athlon 64 processor
- Radeon 2400HD graphics
- 500 SATA HDD
- MSI Neo4 Platinum motherboard
- 600W power supply
- 2GB RAM PC3200

My new one has the following:

- 4400+ Athlon X2 Dual core processor
- ASRock ALive motherboard
- 2GB RAM PC5300
- Radeon 3450 HD graphics
- 500GB IDE HDD (Not SATA, since a little cash trapped right now)
- 530W Hiper quiet power supply

I played COD4 on my first PC, and it played pretty well, with the graphics on high resolution, and playing with hardly any slowdown and skipping. Then I got rid of it, and bought this new one, installed COD4, and there's slowdown everywhere. It's bloody annoying, and I'm not even sure why it's doing it (I went down to 640x480 and turned off anti-aliasing before it bothered playing reasonably). Any ideas? When starting in the warehouse, it was lagging there when teaching you how to aim and hit targets, but I tried playing Counter Strike Source, and no slowdown when playing on the cs_office map..

I'm thinking of selling the card, and buying a better one - Any suggestions? I specifically want to play COD4 on a nice high resolution without slowdown. Some are recommending 8800GT or Radeon 3850 or something. Just want to see what you guys think? :)

  Bob The Blob 14:44 23 Mar 08

The 3450 is a crap card. Look here for Call Of Duty 4 benchmarks. Get an 8800GT.

  Bob The Blob 14:44 23 Mar 08

Call Of Duty benchmarks are click here

  SkyDragon 15:35 23 Mar 08

Great, thanks. Looks like either a 8800GT, or Radeon 3870 512MB then.

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