What is a good Video/MPEG Editor.

  elder70 20:15 13 Dec 06

Recently I started recording TV programmes on my PC via a [email protected] card. I am an absolute newbie at this and my question is: Can anyone suggest a good editor for getting rid of the commercials etc. before I record it on to a DVD.

As my handle indicates I am a pensioner and would prefer a freeware model of editor.

One final question. A few years ago you could buy a VHS taper recorder, for recording TV programmes, that would automatically delete the commercials. Some court action took this type of recorder off the market. So, is there a Video/MPEG Editor that can automatically find a commercial, even if it does not delete it, is it capable of finding it?

Thank you, any help appreciated.

  fitshase 08:14 14 Dec 06

I'm not sure about an automatic search for commercials but for editing, if you have Windows XP there is a built in editor called Windows Movie Maker (Start\All Programs\Accessories\Entertainment)

Very easy to use to cut parts of the video out.

  baldtaco 08:25 14 Dec 06
  jimv7 09:35 14 Dec 06

I use the free Mpg2Cut2 from click here

very simple to use and effective.

  David4637 14:04 14 Dec 06

WMM will NOT edit and create VOB files, which you need, to play on a DVD player. To edit VOBs you need Studio V9 or V10, or Ulead. Both these are NOT Freeware. If you use the above ideas you will have edit and save VERY LARGE files, and then convert them to VOBs. Not an easy process. David

  Bagsey 14:08 14 Dec 06

Windows Movie Maker will do the job and is free if you have Windows XP but make sure that you have Ver 2. If not download it from. click here

  GroupFC 14:31 14 Dec 06

"you will have edit and save VERY LARGE files" - yet again you and I are going to have to agree to disagree as this is not necessarily the case.

"and then convert them to VOBs. Not an easy process." - I don't understand why you say that the creation of a DVD from some other (none .VOB) files is not any easy process. Admittedly, as we have discussed before, this can't be achieved using Windows Movie Maker, but with other software such as Ulead the creation of a DVD is a fairly straight forward affair (if a little time-consuming!).

  GroupFC 14:34 14 Dec 06

The problem with MM2, is that it doesn't deal with the Mpeg format very well (at least that is what I have found!), and I believe elder70, has the source files svaed in this format.

  Terry Brown 15:57 14 Dec 06

I use a program called VIDEOREDO, it is very reasonable to buy,it is very fast, works with MPG & VOB (but not AVI) files. There is a free trial period. so what have you got to lose.

  David4637 16:09 14 Dec 06

Read my thread, I said Pinnacle or "Ulead" is the best alternative for editting and producing VOBs for DVD playing. As I still insist WMM is a waste of time if the end product is to produce a DVD for playing on a standalone DVD Player.

  eedcam 17:49 14 Dec 06

I'm with Terry and with dollar at its present rate best time to buy.Its also capable of sorting out audio /Video sync probs what else are we gonna spend our £200 heating freebie on

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