What is Generic Host Process?

  Peverelli 11:55 30 Aug 03

Every now and then Zone Alarm asks me if I want to allow Generic Host Process For Win32 Services to access the Internet. I know it's a Windows thingy but what does it do? Is it safe to let ZA to 'always allow' it access.

Also, why is it that explorer.exe always attempts to access the internet whenever I click on 'Search'?

  krypt1c 12:17 30 Aug 03

There's a thread about Generic Host Process here
click here

  Peverelli 12:40 30 Aug 03

Hmm! One poster writes ".. The Generic Host process for Win32 is a deadly spyware program that will run silently in the background sending out information as fast as you can click your mouse. In order to access the internet this process in never needed and except for gathering personal informatin that is scattered all over the internet, totally usless. Removing it however is not wise..."

But another says ".. And, for the record, this is NOT spyware - it is the core of the Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems. MS does not collect personally identifiable information, nor do they sell that information to 3rd party companies..."

  krypt1c 12:43 30 Aug 03

Clear as mud eh!. I've got ZA installed and I've given Generic Host Process internet acess, but not server access and I don't [appear] to have any problems. I'm running W2KPro

  Peverelli 12:46 30 Aug 03

I find that if I deny it access, I sometimes can not surf the net and I have to go back into ZA to allow it access. Then again at other times it seems to have no effect.

  Peverelli 12:55 30 Aug 03

OK. I've blocked server access. Will see if it has any adverse effects.

  The Sack 13:22 30 Aug 03

ROFLMFAO! what kind of advice is that? When it was originaly posted i do hope no one tried to remove it.

  Peverelli 13:28 30 Aug 03

You'll find it in krypt1c's link above. It wasn't in this forum.

  Peverelli 13:31 30 Aug 03

Having denied server access I keep getting the "The page cannot be displayed" page when clicking on the 'click here' links. I suppose I have no choice but to allow access :O(

  Peverelli 13:59 30 Aug 03
  The Sack 14:39 30 Aug 03

I know mate, i did take the time to read before i posted :-)

BTW as you was advised up the thread you have to allow it, you have no choice should you wish to access the net. Just deny it working as a server. TBH if you allow it server access nothing bad will happen (although it does leave a port open and one closed once it has been used as a server), it is just you can get away with it blocked.

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