what ftp programs to use

  computernerdiamnot 19:00 21 Mar 05

Hello Everyone

I need to share some files to a family member and i need to know does anyone know of a free simple to use program to use as i have no idea how to use theses programs. I tried serv-u by rhino and done waht it says but cannot get connected can anyone help me out.

Kind Regrads


  spikeychris 20:11 21 Mar 05

Presuming you are using XP. Have you thought of a VPN? click here

  spikeychris 20:19 21 Mar 05

Theres also Remote Desktop click here click here if the other machine isn't running XP.

for VPN info
click here

click here

  computernerdiamnot 20:39 21 Mar 05

i am running windows xp i will have to find out what my cousin is running i just need a program where he can access a dedicated folder over the internet

  BBez 20:53 21 Mar 05

i use BulletProof FTP Server on my server at home which let's me ftp in with BulletProof FTP Client, although you can use any FTP client to access server files, from my girlfriend's house, fully configurable and stable under load...

bulletproof ftp server:

click here

bulletproof ftp client:

click here

Setup BPFTP Server guide:

click here


click here

Setting up a FTP Server (ServeU) in WinXP:

click here

  computernerdiamnot 21:00 21 Mar 05


I will have a go and try

Thanks for the help

i will let you all know as soonj as i have tried

Kind REgards


  computernerdiamnot 21:07 21 Mar 05

I think i know where i have gone wrong we didnt add a client but then do i have to configure my netgear router or just leave it.


  BBez 08:06 22 Mar 05

I think you would set the server and client if using FTP to use "passive mode". you may have to setup port forwarding on the router...

click here or click here for a guide on setting up port forwarding. It uses Serve-U FTP server but is generally the same in all FTP server setups...

You could also try a web based app like www file share pro click here not free but worth running a trial to experiment...

  computernerdiamnot 10:52 22 Mar 05

Cheers still trying to sort it out will report back soon

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