What is up with the forum?

  Andsome 08:46 02 Aug 05

What is the matter today. Every time I try to navigate to a new page, I get a grey page for several seconds before the page opens. This has NOT happened before, and is NOT happening on other websites. Also every page is attempting to download a third party cookie, but this is fortunately being stopped by my security.

  rawprawn 08:49 02 Aug 05

I'm having trouble whenever I try to open "My Posting" I get timed out page.It has been happening for a few days

  jack 08:52 02 Aug 05

What is up with the forum?
Me too RP in My Posts- first stop on log on, narcissus or what?
Too many lookers perhaps or lots of new advertisers? niether a bad thing - advertisers after all pay for our fun and curiosity.

  Andsome 08:52 02 Aug 05

I have just clicked onto the little red sign at the bottom of my screen and viewed the information on these cookies. They are tracking cookies. How long have PCA been allowing company's to attempt to plant tracking cookies onto members computers?

  User-312386 08:55 02 Aug 05

Tracking cookies are normal. They ensure that you do not repeat say the online survey more than once etc etc

  Jackcoms 08:55 02 Aug 05
  Andsome 09:11 02 Aug 05

I do NOT like tracking cookies. No one has the right to follow where I go on the INTERNET. Some of the companies attempting to track from this website do not even publish a privacy policy. If your security is stopping them like mine, try clicking as I have done and read the security notices. Some of those that do publish a privacy report, actually state that they are acting as agents for other parties. I don't like this one bit, and am glad that I am able to stop them. I have NO objection to first party cookies, as they do have a use as has been stated, in that they avoid repeats. However, third party cookies cannot be condoned. They are an intrusion.

  spuds 10:33 02 Aug 05

The management are fully aware of the problems this site as been producing. Regular feedbacks were requested at one stage as to the actual problems each person was experiencing. I generally find it is time-outs tags [CFQUERY] and 'My Postings' that are giving the main problems for myself.

  Andsome 13:03 02 Aug 05

Any further comments on THIRD PARTY cookies.

  ACOLYTE 15:03 02 Aug 05

I only have 2 cookies on my pc and both are for passwords the rest get deleted as soom as they come on the pc .click here been using this for years and it works great.

  woodchip 15:33 02 Aug 05

It is a ongoing Problem with PCA for about the Last three weeks. Hard to find, I heard. I could not get into PCA last night or this morning So I switched off, and got on with something more important. My Postings is Still on the blink, work's when it wants, It may be better to clear some of the OLD threads

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