What is firewire?

  bob200234 18:23 31 May 03

Could someone explain to me briefly what firewire is

  OneSirKnight 18:28 31 May 03
  jazzypop 18:32 31 May 03

In simple terms, it is an agreed method of connecting peripherals such as hard drives to your PC. It requires Firewire support on your version of Windows, a firewire cable, a firewire port (connector) on your PC, and a firewire device.

It can also be used with WinXP to network two PCs over short distances.

It is roughly comparable with USB 2.0 in terms of speed.

See click here for more info - make sure you look at the options in the Table of Contents on the right of the page.

  Steve N 18:34 31 May 03

Firewire or IEEE-1394, as it maybe refered to in some advanced specifications is similar to USB in that it connects your external device (e.g. camcorder, camera) to your PC using a cable. It transfers data at upto 400Mbps (50Mbytes per second), which is pretty fast. It used to be the fastest transfer technology until USB 2.0 came along which can transfer data at 480Mbps (60MBytes per second).

Is that OK?.....

  KARINA 20:54 31 May 03

Steve N..........i couldn't have put it better......that was clearly and simply understood.....

  Legolas 20:58 31 May 03

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