What exactly is a monthly bandwidth?

I am currently on Pipex Broadband with a 512 mb asdl line and unlimited bandwidth, for £5 more per month I could upgrade to 1GB speed but would have a fixed monthy bandwidth of 8GB- what exactly does that mean, is there any way of finding out what I am currently using? The idea of being "capped" bothers me, but I don't really know if it matters to me or not!

  Smegs 14:19 16 Nov 04

You can only download Music/Games etc, up to 8Gb.

  Smegs 14:24 16 Nov 04

There is a program that monitors your downloads and it's called Tauntology Bandwidth Meter. click here

Thanks- I don't download music or games. I do download the occasional web graphic, background etc
Would this include program downloads and system updates?

  pj123 15:01 16 Nov 04

Give this a go. Will give you some idea.

click here

Thanks that is really useful!!I think I would be well inside the "Cap" !

  palinka 15:40 16 Nov 04

Debe, I'm on same Pipex as you; decided on that 'cos I wasn't sure about monthly bandwidth, either. But I'm happy with present speed on Pipex; don't think it's worth upgrading by £5

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