What on earth is happening to this site?

  TonyV 27 Aug 11

For some obscure reason about 20minutes ago, this PCA site has gone ballistic! Every time I change a page I gate a full page advert coming up. This is silly. I have no idea why it is suddenly happening, but prior to this event, I had no problems at all with adverts and only had the ones that were an integral part of the page itself. None of the bolt on type. Anyone any idea how to get back to the way of no adverts showing?



  TonyV 27 Aug 11

I can't be doing with this. I will switch off and see if someone can come up with an answer later on!!


  jonski 27 Aug 11

Must be your PC TonyV...Its not happening on mine.

  rdave13 27 Aug 11

Not getting it on IE9 and only using the browser's pop-up blocker.

  polymath 27 Aug 11

Is it just this site?

  Graphicool1 27 Aug 11

Not getting it on FF6 not using any pop-up blocker.

  buteman 27 Aug 11

If it is the Samsung add this might help.

Posted Today at 3:10PM

We'll get on to this next week.

Also, we'll take the Samsung ad off the forums. It shouldn't appear more than once - could be an iPad thing.

Unfortunately this will have to wait till Tuesday, as the developers aren't back in the office till then.

  TonyV 27 Aug 11

I have switched off, been for a drink and switched back on and still it has taken over my machine on this site. Win7/IE9.

It is the Samsung advert, but it has only just started doing it. It has been fine for months now and suddenly Bingo! Every time I change a page on this site up comes this Blank Blank advert!

It is only this site and nothing else seems to have changed. Pop-up Blocker is switched on, but it has no effect!

Not sure what else it could be on my machine.

Thanks for comments. Buteman, your last one was of particular interest.


  bremner 27 Aug 11


This was reported on another thread yesterday and PCA's simonjary has said the advert will be switched off as soon as possible after the weekend.

  rdave13 27 Aug 11

Now this is puzzling. IE9/WIN7, same as TonyV, but no advert.

  TonyV 27 Aug 11


As per buteman's message above. Fortunately, I am going away to Madeira very early on Monday morning, so hopefully it will be OK when I get back. The interesting thing is it has been fine all day when suddenly it all went pear shaped! And I did nothing!!




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