what is the download 'storageframe.html'

  Pitsgate 16:20 20 Apr 15

Since I started using Chrome I have been getting 'storageframe.html' downloaded on a random but fairly frequent basis. There have been two instances today. I have tried to find out what this is but search engines are no help and contacting Google (I assume that it must be something to do with Chrome!) doesn't help either. In fact they don't even bother replying. Anyone any suggestions? Mysterious downloads I can do without!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:06 20 Apr 15

Nothing to do with chrome

where did you download chrome from - wondering if something else came packaged with it?

run your AV and antimalware and ADWCleaner

  Pitsgate 17:22 20 Apr 15

I downloaded Chrome from the Chrome site. I can't find anything else that I don't know about. Nothing in the folder; nothing in Programs and Features in Control Panel; nothing on an internal search. It's obviously not a text file and it doesn't appear to do any damage and ZoneAlarm finds nothing amiss. I just don't trust things that appear without my permission and that nobody seems to know anything about!

  lotvic 20:33 20 Apr 15


This puzzled me, so decided to investigate with the help of a google search.

I use Firefox browser and Ghostery blocker.

I went to forums.whirlpool. net.au/archive/368420 (one of the search results) and I read all of the thread.

I tried the bigpond. com link and the link took me to media.telstra. com.au/home.html

I then clicked on Ghostery and expanded the entry for Net Ratings Site Census and then clicked on greyed out and line crossed source 'secure-au.imrworldwide. com/v60.js' and in the Ghostery page of the script text that opened up I went to Edit and Find and entered storageframe.html

and there it was... so it is part of a tracking cookie.

So to get rid you need to delete cookies and history and to block install the free program 'Ghostery'

(note: I've put a space before the .com's just in case pca formatting decides they are links and does the no spam thing and stops me posting)

  Pitsgate 13:15 21 Apr 15

Thank you, lotvic! It's interesting that this only started appearing after I started using Chrome. I know FruitBat said it had "nothing to do with" Chrome but I reckon there is an underlying relationship in there somewhere.

  lotvic 17:49 21 Apr 15

Well I don't have Chrome on my pc and was still able to find websites that use that tracking cookie. Maybe it's only Chrome that lists it as a download and other Browsers don't list it. It's easy enough to just block the tracking cookies anyway.

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