What does this STOP message mean?

  BibleGuru 14:57 05 Jan 04

I have had the following STOP message appear on my screen almost every day now for the following 2 weeks:

*** STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005), 0x8059747E, 0xF3F32620, 0x00000000)

What does this message mean, and how do I get rid of it?

I am using WinXP Home with 80GB drive, 768MB Ram, Nvidia Geforce4 Ti4200 graphic card with latest driver update (version 5.3.03).

  BibleGuru 15:23 05 Jan 04

I've searched Google, but there are NO messages that match my STOP message.

There are quite a few that start with the 0x0000008E (0xC0000005) portion, but I'm none the wiser.

I'm beginning to suspect my Nvidia card as the culprit. Although I don't understand why it could be acting up now after 15 months of usage!

  Mat2 15:38 05 Jan 04

Hi BibleGuru

As you mention in your thread about the latest drivers, have you tried rolling back the driver to a previous one to see if the problem goes away.
Have you got SP1 installed.


  BibleGuru 15:43 05 Jan 04

SP1 is installed.

Yes, the problem did occur prior to driver update.

I installed the driver update thinking this would resolve the issue!

  jim1947 15:48 05 Jan 04

click here try this site

May posibly be a problem with your graphic interface. Have a look at your hardware acceleration setting.This error sometime happens if you change this from none to full.

Have you tried system restore ?

  BibleGuru 15:57 05 Jan 04

Thanks jim1947, but your link didn't give me any specifics to my STOP message. I will have a look at the MS Knowledge Base though.

System restore? I've never tried that - what do I do?

Go to control panel, display, settings, advanced adapter, properties, and roll back your driver to before the upgrade.
Also try
Control panel, display,settings advanced, troubleshoot, and see what your hardware acceleration is set to.

For the full system restore, go to start- programmes-accesories-system tools and system restore to put your computer back to how it was at an earlier date.

  BibleGuru 16:08 05 Jan 04

My acceleration is set to FULL. Is this OK?

  Stuartli 16:15 05 Jan 04

Try three-quarters.

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