What does /# mean in net speak?

  newface 20:11 05 Jun 09

I know that this not a real technical problem, but I have been looking at some blogs recently and this /# is the comment posted by some people and I can't work out what it means. Can anyone help on this.

  Technotiger 21:33 05 Jun 09

A bit more info re the context of what you were reading would help.

/# is usually at the end of a string, the / being a divider and the # donating a 'wild-card' where various options are available.

I hope that makes sense.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:46 05 Jun 09

it means
per number

translator click here

  newface 14:25 06 Jun 09

Thanks for the replies. I keep seeing this on various blogs. It appears as the only thing that someone has posted in reply to a previous posting.
Because they don't post any other comment I am left totally baffled as to what they are trying to say.
I can understand most of the other emoticons and "slang" ie IMHO etc etc, but this one has leaves completely bemused.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:40 06 Jun 09

I would take this to mean

as per the numbers

i.e. someone is saying that this is the "usual routine" or "they have heard it all before"

without the blog context it is difficult to say how the meaning applies.

  newface 14:56 06 Jun 09

Thanks again for the post, having looked back at the blogs, this seems to make sense. Well it makes more sense than some of the comments in the blogs!!

  wee eddie 15:05 06 Jun 09


  Technotiger 15:31 06 Jun 09

I was about to suggest the same as wee eddie - as per this forum in order to bring a Post to the top of the list, just posting any single key or word like 'bump' it to top the list.

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