What does Localisation: UK mean for a PSU

  markcomp 15:36 07 Dec 10

What does "Localisation: UK" mean for a PSU

I am building a new PC for my son and thought I had just about cracked all the important info about PSUs / energy saving / connectors / active pfc and then when i couldn't find one at a decent price where I am currently living (Hungary) I looked on ebuyer only to come across this term.
Does this mean they won't work properly over here - everything else does - its 220 volts here like the rest of europe vs uk s 240?? Is this the problem???

  Batch 15:42 07 Dec 10

I'm sure someone else will know more about this than me. But historically, UK was 240v / 50Hz whereas most (if not all) mainland Europe was 220v / 50Hz (contrast this with US at 110v / 60Hz).

I seem to recollect that it was mooted that 230v / 50Hz was to be the new standard (for Europe?) and that the Uk would be stpping down. All appliances would still work as the stated nominal voltage is just that a nominal value that is targeted. In practice the voltage fluctuates all the time due to a variety of factors affecting the grid and appliances have quite a wide tolerance.

Accordingly, I see no reason why a UK PSU shouldn't work in Hungary.

You might find the following interesting reading:

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  robin_x 20:52 07 Dec 10

We harmonised years ago but nothing changed.

click here

Don't worry about it, it's fine.

USA/Japan vs Europe (for example) is different. You must have the correct PSU.
That is why multi-standard (90-240Vac) PSUs are now so common.
(dunno if PC PSUs are multi-standard tho'. Most laptops are)

In any event do make sure you use the correct mains lead with Schuko plug in Hungary.

PCs and their PSUs MUST be earthed. (2 pins + the stupid earth arrangement)
Not a patch on our UK plugs.

So you MUST use click here

DO NOT use click here

  morddwyd 20:58 07 Dec 10

The law requires 230v (not 240!) + or - 10%.

Well within the limits you require.

All my UK stuff worked when I lived in Germany, and all the German stuff I bought (including light bulbs now over twenty years old!) works in the UK.

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