What does a BT Home Hub do

  Halmer 13:21 18 Jul 08

that a Belkin router doesn't?

My neighbour has updated her BT package and they have sent her a white 'Home Hub'.

Just wondered if it is actually worth installing given that the Belkin Router that was supplied a while ago by BT works fine.

  Technotiger 13:23 18 Jul 08

I too use the BT HomeHub, it is just a router, so if the other one is working ok, no need to change.

  Halmer 13:30 18 Jul 08

So there's no extra facility or it isn't faster? What a waste of money sending out?

  rawprawn 17:23 18 Jul 08

I have found my BT Homehub much better than Belkin.
However I have taken the telehone off because it creates such adin when our phone rings.

  wjrt 18:16 18 Jul 08

depends on what option broadband she has. if option 3 then she will get an additional phone line with an alternative number to use over the broadband line as per
click here
or check and see what the other options offer from this link

  MarvintheAndroid 22:19 19 Jul 08

I think I am correct in saying that you can plug a VOIP phone directly into the router, even if the PC is switched off. At least, that's how it was explained to me. No personal experience of this though.


  Technotiger 22:34 19 Jul 08

The bt Home Hub comes complete with a BT Broadband Talk telephone. The Home Hub should be left permanently on, even when the PC is shut down and switched off. The telephone is usable all the time the Hom Hub is working.

I have the Home Hub and Telephone, in addition to my normal land-line phone, which I now only use for incoming calls, all my outgoing calls are made using the Home Hub phone - although on the same line, it uses the Broadband side of the line and has a different telephone number than the land-line phone - all calls are cheaper, free evenings and weekends.

  Mad Mick 22:39 19 Jul 08

I think the new BT Home Hubs have Draft N capability.

  Technotiger 07:28 20 Jul 08

Yes, the new Hub is Draft N compatible - but not that much better than my present Version 1.5, so I shall not be upgrading.

  Fingees 09:40 20 Jul 08

I now use a BT home hub instead of Belkin.

I also use a normal phone plugged in to it. This effectively gives me a second phone line, with a different number.
Provided you register BT Talk, it costs you nothing.
If you want to use their hub phone, the phone is expensive. it does not come free with the hub as someone stated. but as I said, you can use a normal one.

  €dstowe 09:51 20 Jul 08

Quite often, not very much.

My father had three before he received one that worked. It sits unused in its box as it's not as good as the (very) old Netgear equipment it was intended to replace.

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