What do you think of this deal

  Legolas 15:36 27 Apr 04

I seen this in a computer mag looks good for the price what do others think? It is the £799 option I was interested in. click here

  Xevious 15:41 27 Apr 04

tiny's after-sales support is not known to be all that good (alledgedly) so think about that when deciding...

you can also get good deals from DELL for around £600 (ish) have you looked there?

  TomJerry 15:45 27 Apr 04

the machine you look is super, I do not think you can get better price elsewhere, you could also check out special offers by meshcomputers click here

  Legolas 16:01 27 Apr 04

I had a tiny computer years ago and it was a good machine, my brother has it now and we have had no trouble with it. I really like building my own comps but there is no way I could build one with the spec for that price so I am tempted to go for it.

  Xevious 16:10 27 Apr 04

i didn't say there was a problem with the hardware, only if you DID have problems then you'd struggle with the support side of things...



  woodchip 16:41 27 Apr 04

Tiny now owned by Time computers

  Legolas 16:47 27 Apr 04

Stangely enough I have also owned a Time computer and like the Tiny comp I owned I had no trouble with it.

  woodchip 16:57 27 Apr 04

As above good value for money it's the backup that as been the problem in the past with Time computers but they have been working on that according to what I read a while ago.

PS as that Anti-Virus stoped your comp getting infected

  keith-236785 17:04 27 Apr 04

Seems like a very good deal,only thing that may let it dow (but not at the moment) is the 128meg graphics, On top at the moment but who knows in a year or so, 256mb would have been the icing on the cake, but still a good system. (not sure if WIN XP Home version will have support for 64bit system, might be an idea to check before paying for something that may not run at full speed).

may sound negative, but you did ask for our opinions, if i had £800 to spend, i would probably buy it myself, but see if there is a possibility to upgrade to 256 MB graphics.

Happy computing

  Legolas 17:19 27 Apr 04

paperman27 I did think the graphics was a slightly weak area but for the money all round a good deal I think.

Woodchip I use AntiVir I cannot remember if that is the one you recommended it was a while ago and I am getting on a bit but it is a good free anti-virus app.

  wee eddie 19:31 27 Apr 04

Basic machine + you purchase the support option of your choice.

The idea is that they will sell mainly to experienced users & businesses who will not bother them or will pay a realistic price for support.

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