what do you think of this

  wizkid2029 08:23 05 Aug 07

i am thinking of buying a second computer, (on vista premium)and wandered what you thought of this click here
it would be with out the screen and for gaming, pictures, dvd's etc.
i found it the shop without a monitor for £419.99.
if you find a different one could you keep it below £450 and from a big name eg. currys.
(i bought a compter off the net, it didnt work and it was a real hassle to send it back!)


  Fingees 09:09 05 Aug 07

Nowadays, I would only buy from Novatech.

click here

I know you said you don't like buyimg online,
But never any hassle from them.

Curry's is partner of PC world, so you take your choice.

All the best.

  Forum Editor 09:22 05 Aug 07

any more than buying from any big retailer, provided you understand your rights under consumer law.

  Pine Man 09:26 05 Aug 07

What is your PC at the moment?

  crosstrainer 09:31 05 Aug 07

Bad, but by no means top of the tree. I think you could do better either at Novatech or

click here

They are flexible, and will sell you a unit only. I doubt if Curry's will remove the monitor from the deal.

  Pine Man 09:51 05 Aug 07

At 8:15 today you state that you have got a Vista PC click here

At 8:23 today you are asking for advice on getting a second PC - with Vista this time?

at 8:40 today you ask "So what is Vista good for?!" click here

  wizkid2029 12:00 05 Aug 07

because i upgraded to vista basic from xp home on my old laptop. but am not conviced with vista basic and am thinking of getting premium. so then i wondered if there are more cons than pros to vista.

  Pine Man 12:15 05 Aug 07

All is clear now.

  Armchair 12:17 05 Aug 07

X1650SE not up to much. 2GB RAM would be a lot better for some recent games.

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