what do i need to play avcd on my pc

  crib 13:02 03 Feb 03

i recently purchased two video cd's and i assumed my pc would play them in the dvd rom drive but i cant get nothing. Can anyone tell me if i need to download something to make them play,or what can i play them on

  MAJ 13:05 03 Feb 03

Windows Media Player can play VCDs.

  crib 13:08 03 Feb 03

i believe the vcd was purchased originally, will media player play it ok?

  crib 13:10 03 Feb 03

will media player play a vcd from singapore or do i need to download something?

  Cordy13 13:10 03 Feb 03

You can also get a VCD player for free.

  Cordy13 13:15 03 Feb 03

Should play ok on the VCD player from click here

  MAJ 13:18 03 Feb 03

Try it out. Insert the VCD, go to My Computer, right click on the drive, choose Explore, open the MPEGAV folder and open the AVSEQ01.DAT file with Windows Media Player.

  reaths 15:48 03 Feb 03

you didn't say what format the file was in dvd,vcd,svcd,etc.in windows media player click on file-options-formats
and tick all the formats then apply then ok.this should help.sometimes its the media being used that your dvd rom can't read.there's certain kinds of media my dvd rom won't read.elecard player is another player you could try

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