What do I do I make my PC faster and better?

  Southworth 19:16 07 Mar 14

click here are my specs atm. What can I do to make my pc handle high end graphics and also be quicker with loading applications but not spend more than £500.

Would i need to upgrade my RAM?

I know i need a new graphics card but what price range/brands are good?

Would i need to improve my cpu to make it quicker at loading etc?

I have had the computer for 2 years now and added a secondary hardrive of 1Tb, total 2tb, Would this be the reason why my computer is slow? with all the memory it has to handle? Should i wipe and start again?


  mart7 19:25 07 Mar 14

Thats a pretty good spec only thing id be tempted to upgrade is the graphics card to a 7series nvidia gtx,wiping a drive always makes for faster loading times as its empty,no programs to load etc you could install an ssd that would certainly make windows load faster

  Southworth 20:02 07 Mar 14

the link is just to a 'puush' which copies the page, no spam :/

  Southworth 20:04 07 Mar 14

is it easy to wipe a hardrive? and i have heard that you would have to use a master and slave method if i was going to install a SSD. Is this easy? As you can tell im not 100% confident in my skills

  Ian in Northampton 20:30 07 Mar 14

Jock1e: are you taking pills for your paranoia? :-)

  Ian in Northampton 20:36 07 Mar 14

... but seriously...

After a while, just about every PC slows down, as it accumulates crap. It's a fact of life in the Windows world, and the only real cure is to start again - as mart7 says, by wiping the drive, and doing a fresh install of Windows. That will take your PC back to its ex-factory speed. As mart7 says, you already have a good machine - but you could improve it with a better graphics card and, possibly, an SSD. An SSD will certainly give you faster boot times and faster program loads - it won't (generally) otherwise speed up your machine. But if you're gonna do a fresh install of Windows, it might be a good time to add an SSD and install Windows on that. Personally, I think 8GB of memory is fine for most applications, including gaming.

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