What the difference with the DVD drives?

  Wolfenstein 11:31 05 Oct 06

Hi, i've been looking at a computer and it gives me the option between DVD ReWriterCDRewriter or the DVD ReWriter.

The one that says CDReWriter is less expensive than the one that just says DVD ReWriter.

I'm not clued up with this so i am looking for someone to advise me the differences between the two and which one is worth going for? Pros and Cons etc?

Thanks if anyone can help me.

  De Marcus™ 11:40 05 Oct 06

Do you have a link to the pc in question?

The differences are that a DVD rewriter can write to both DVD and CD whereas a CD rewriter can only write to CD. A DVD ROM drive can read both DVD and CD but it cannot write to any media.

Anyhow, the dvd writer is the one you should get, it's an all in one solution.

  Wolfenstein 11:51 05 Oct 06

Yeah the link is as below:

click here

One other thing i would like to ask is that is this a good deal? The price and what they are offering? if you scroll down to the bottom of the page its for the one for the cost of £699.00p.


  it_girl 12:05 05 Oct 06

I would go for the DVD re-writer everytime but this will require you to buy some extra software like Nero and maybe CloneDVD if you want to backup and/or compress your DVD film collection!!

Basically a CD disk stores 0.7GBs of material and a DVD disk holds 4.7GBs.Therefore,CD's are good for data and music plus photos - and DVD's do all this plus compressed films and much more.

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