what ddr type of do i need

  dazfitz 00:59 18 Apr 05

i have bought a advent t9102 and i want to upgrade the 512mb i have got now i want 2 gig but am new to pcs so dont know what type to getall i know about my ram is its ddr 3200 can i put ddr2 in do i have to stay with 3200 or can i go higher how many pins do i need

  DieSse 01:37 18 Apr 05

You will need to use RAM of the same type and speed that you have already - and preferably the same make, unless you plan to replace it all.

2Gb is an extraordinarily large amount of RAM - are you sure you need that much. 512Mb is plenty for everyday systems, maybe 1Gb for heavily loaded systems.

  User-312386 06:55 18 Apr 05
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:26 18 Apr 05

Use madboy33©® link to srucial type in your PC spec and they will tell you what ram is compatible with your machine.

  gfpbatpcadvisor 18:04 06 Apr 06

512 MB DDR DIMM RAM - (2x 256 - PC3200) specs show that this may be your setup, it should have 4 memory slots giving you upto 4gb ram capacity.
check here for details needed. click here

  DieSse 23:51 06 Apr 06


somehow I think after a year, dafitz will have moved on from this problem!

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