what is a crashed pc?

  mr f3 00:15 23 Jun 06

my neighbor's pc quit working. In trying to help I turned it on and I could get all the primary window n applications working. But none of the functions (ie, restore, uninstall/install,run, search, etc) worked. I stopped, turned it off and tried again later. (by the way this a DELL pc). Now all I get is the blue field. It tries to work when I use f10, it takes me to a choice of runing in safe mode or other modes and does not work. any commetns/sugestions for a newbie?

  namtas 08:31 23 Jun 06

select, "start in safe mode" and in safe mode go to system restore, select a previous good point.

  spuds 10:13 23 Jun 06

If the problem continues, it may require a re-installation of XP and any other devices.

Did Dell supply a recovery disk or have you got a full XP disk available !.

  mr f3 14:20 23 Jun 06

namtas, tx for yr help, but it doesn't work in any mode. spuds, 'll try yr siggestion, tx.

  Diemmess 15:52 23 Jun 06

Recovery or repair may ease things for you but it has to be asked, what sort of anti-viral and malware protection is present and up-to-date?
If the protection is good, then ignore the rest of this post.

There must be a sad uncounted number of PCs out there which under-perform or seize altogether because they are infested with the wretched stuff.

If I were faced with your problem I would go to some lengths as soon as the computer begins to behave and scan it every which way to be sure it is truly clean and protected.

From contributions to this forum the infections seem to be less than a year ago, but most who visit here are aware of both the trouble and its remedy.
I feel there is a huge number of home machines used by those in ignorance of a danger or just too bone idle to do anything about it. "It won't affect me."

  mr f3 16:02 23 Jun 06

diemmess, tx for the info, unfortunately no up to date protection was in the pc.

  Diemmess 18:03 23 Jun 06

spuds asked...

[Did Dell supply a recovery disk or have you got a full XP disk available?]

If you feel up to it try the recovery disk first. Put the recovery CD in before the computer tries to boot.

You have posted in the Absolute Beginners forum and may need a lot more help.
If you, do there is plenty of help available in simple steps. Just ask.

  mr f3 15:55 24 Jun 06

took the pc to a local geek, I did not know what I was doing. Thanks to all for your suggestions.

  Bogbrain 19:10 25 Jun 06

Yet another victim of careless maintainence - obviously malware or a virus I would say.

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