What could be an appropriate transfer rate?

  Revi 18:04 10 Oct 05

What should be an acceptable rate of transfer?
When I upload a site to the web server the transfer rate is sometimes 3kb/s and sometimes even 0kb/s. My site is 4MB. At times small changes are effected in split seconds and sometimes uploading the entire site can take upto 20 minutes. I would like to know what factors determine a transfer rate, is it the web servers speed or my broadband speed?

  Forum Editor 18:27 10 Oct 05

although by far the biggest influence on server upload speeds is the load on the server, the way that it's been set up, and the quality of the server itself.

  Revi 18:45 10 Oct 05

Thanks FE! Is 3kb/s an acceptable rate?

  mco 19:47 10 Oct 05

Sorry revi; don't mean to hi-jack your thread but this is sort of on the topic: I'm new to this game and last night when I uploaded my site it took just seconds but tonight I've tried three times. The first time it seemed to 'freeze' at 2% so I aborted it; tried again and it froze at 1% so I aborted again. I'm now trying again but it's still been stuck at 1% and has been for over 5 minutes. My site's quite small. Am I just being impatient? Should I give it more chance?

  Forum Editor 21:02 10 Oct 05

but anyway - some servers are like that - they sit there for ages, and then suddenly take the upload. In the main you'll find that you'll get better uploads with good, professional hosting companies.

  mco 22:51 10 Oct 05


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