what constitutes a download ??

  Chronos 19:29 01 Jul 04

hi all, if there is a download limit on your connection, what do they count in it? for example,each site you go to, including this one,the fact that you have to load the page from the server, would that count? hope that makes sense ..........thanks

  SEASHANTY 19:35 01 Jul 04

Yes but the files for web pages are very small. You
will have no need to worry unless you are downloading stacks of music or video files on an almost constant basis.

  Chronos 19:38 01 Jul 04

thanks, the reason i ask is that BT.BB will put a limit on downloads from 2005...

  whybe 19:46 01 Jul 04

Yes I am worried about that. I have been connected now for about 10 minutes and I am already registering 2 million bytes.

  Chronos 19:49 01 Jul 04

how have you found out the amount you have downloaded ? thanks

  SEASHANTY 09:12 02 Jul 04

Bits and bytes click here and click here
and click here

  Chronos 10:02 02 Jul 04

thanks, not sure i understand it all, but it is a start..

  SEASHANTY 15:22 02 Jul 04

Well NTL have said something like you cannot download more than 1GB of info per day on the broadband service. Or something like that. I didn't
take much notice being as I do not download music or video files which are very large files and take up a lot of bandwidth. I doubt, if using the PC around two to three hours per day, that I even download 1GB
per month. Streaming music or video also takes up a fair amount of bandwidth. These ISP's who restrict the amount of data you can download per day are aiming at the people who use their PC's on a 24/7 basis to download music and video. If you don't do this then it doesn't matter. ISP's do not wish to lose their customers who get cut off in the middle of downloading a few web pages.

  SEASHANTY 15:25 02 Jul 04

.....that last line should read....lose their customers by cutting them off in the middle of downloading a few web pages.

  SEASHANTY 12:30 03 Jul 04

See also this later thread on PCA Consumerwatch
click here

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