What is the clipboard?

  geoff47 23:30 19 Oct 04

I have searched for an answer,but it seems the link is taking me to the wrong page on this site.
It may seem a simple question but how else will I find out?

I get a message that something or other will be put on the clipboard....so what is the purpose of the clipboard? How do I easily access it? It seems well hidden if it is a clipboard like a physical clipboard.
Please explain its purpose.

  Flak999 23:36 19 Oct 04

it is where the computer stores the items that you "cut" and "paste" from and to, in programs like internet explorer or microsoft word. Infact virtually every program uses the "clipboard" to some extent or another, and yes your right it is a virtual clipboard, you cant actually see it.

  Peter 23:43 19 Oct 04


....but you can use the Clipboard Viewer to see what is in the Clipboard.


  geoff47 23:53 19 Oct 04

So.....if I have got it right it is a temporary thing? Like a post-it note in case you loose the original,or just a transitional operation of no functional use?....just dont understand its purpose....has it a practical use?
Sorry.......too many questions?

  Djohn 00:07 20 Oct 04

sort of. It is where an image is held when you click on copy, it will be available from the clipboard to paste into another application.

The image or section of text will stay on the clipboard until you replace it by clicking on copy again with another image or text. [The clipboard will only hold the 1 item at a time, small or large.] Or until you reboot or turn off your PC when it will be lost for good. j.

  woodt 00:10 20 Oct 04

Exactly, its temporary and very restricted in so far as you can only have one 'post it' note on it at a time. But it is very useful when you want to copy and paste long web addresses like this
click here


  geoff47 00:45 20 Oct 04

That answer will do for me.....its a bit of a dinosaur then.......its a function that we dont really need to know about....but it seems to advertise its self at every opportunity....funny really.
Unless of course it has another use...but what?

  Stuartli 09:13 20 Oct 04

If you have XP, then the Clipboard can hold more than one item and you can also save its contents if required; it's linked with ClipBook Viewer in XP and is found at C:\WINDOWS\system32\clipbrd.exe.

An overview of the ClipBook Viewer is provided by Microsoft at:

click here

  Stuartli 09:18 20 Oct 04

The easiest way to deal with such long URLs is to install TinyURL from click here and use it via your Links tab.

Not only is the URL converted to a very much smaller one, but also copied to the clipboard for you...:-)

An example is given in the post above regarding the MS link.

  woodt 11:59 20 Oct 04

Thanks I Know about TinyUrl. I was just trying to give a comical use for the clipboard; would you want to type out that url?

  Stuartli 13:43 20 Oct 04

I might just have to if it's listed in a magazine..:-)

But I would then use TinyURL on it...:-))

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