What is causing my pictures to not show?

  NGE 22:52 08 Apr 04

hello, whenever i create a website on a free sub domain, i always or usually have a banner, and everytime the whole site is uploaded, the banner does not load on my machine, but when i tell others to look at it, it will load on theirs. I was thinking this might be a cookie problem but im not sure. Any help much appreciated.

  Paranoid Android 15:44 09 Apr 04

Do you have a spyware utility or Firewall that blocks banners ?


  NGE 16:48 09 Apr 04

the banner is just a normal picture on a website. I dont think it can distinguish wether it is a banner or not. Other pictures of same JPG format shows up just fine.

  NGE 20:43 09 Apr 04

^Bump. Seriously now, this is getting weird. My pc in my bedroom cannot show the banner, my pc in the living room cannot show the banner. Everyone else i.e. friends they see the banner just fine. It's a jpg image, and i have another jpg image on the page which shows up fine. Me and my other pc downstairs are using the same firewall, but i disabled it and still nothing. What is wrong?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:05 09 Apr 04

Delete your cookies / temp internet files and see what happens.

Are you connected via BroadBand or dial up? I'm wondering if you have a permanent IP address.

  slowhand_1000 21:06 09 Apr 04

Is the jpeg called banner?

  PurplePenny 22:20 09 Apr 04

Someone else had this problem. It was as slowhand says - the banner was called "*_banner.jpg" and some utility (XP's firewall?) was preventing it from showing. I don't remember the details so I can't really help you but I *do* remember that it was because "banner" was in the name. (I remember because they are all called "*-banner" on my own site and it had me worried.)


  NGE 23:36 09 Apr 04

i thought that it was because my banner was called banner.jpg, i changed the name but still the same result. Deleted the cookies and temp files but same result.

  NGE 23:37 09 Apr 04

and i am on broadband with a static ip. Using norton firewall.

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