What is causing CD-ROM Drawer to open...

  Brih 20:32 22 Jan 04

Yes, my CD- ROM drawer keeps opening/closing at random. Anyone else have/had similar problem?


  Mike ® 20:42 22 Jan 04

Could be trojan, scan with your av.

  niknax 20:48 22 Jan 04

same thing happened to me, i then smelt burning,took the cd-rw out of pc and the circuit board on the cd-rw had burnt out! never found out why?


try removing the IDE cable this will confirm if software is the problem i.e with the cable removed the drawer stays closed its software, however if it continues with the cable removed, its the drive at fault and time for the skip.

  usjeff 21:01 22 Jan 04

Antivirus progs can cause this as can malicious code as above(Mike ® posting)You Dont mention Which O/S try dissabling antivi in Msconfig just tosee if it clears up . Dont surf without renabling AntiVi though.Can also be Drive about to break down , At less than £20 for new drive its easier to change unit than try to reslove failing drive problems.

"At less than £20 for new drive its easier to change unit than try to reslove failing drive problems."

Better to confirm its the drive before spending hard earned??

  Kitz E Kat 22:23 22 Jan 04

and better to confirm it is not a trojan ...

Do a scan first to make sure you ain't infected..

  Stuartli 08:51 23 Jan 04

Do you have a burning program such as Nero?

The software controls the operation of the drive(s) and just might be doing this looking for you to insert a disk.

  Stuartli 08:59 23 Jan 04

A new 48x Samsung CD-ROM drive can be yours for under £8 including VAT....:-)

  usjeff 23:03 23 Jan 04


  spuds 00:04 24 Jan 04

Have you recently downloaded a computer programme from the internet,or a friends disk.If so,then it could contain something that should not be there. Run as previously suggested, a anti-virus and spyware checker through your system.

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