What causes orbs on digital photos

  BillyBee 15:13 03 Jan 04

Circles keep appearing on my digital photos, the lens is clean so it’s not that, I can take numerous photos in one session, but only one or two will have these Circles.

My wife watches “most Haunted” on Living Tv, they get orbs, (or cirlcles) on their digital cameras and believe they are ghostly apparitions, I’m just hoping they’re not. LOL

Bill (sat behind sofa)

  Jester2K 15:16 03 Jan 04

Is it a "phong" caused by sun-light?

Camera make and model?


Lighting conditions?

  spikeychris 15:20 03 Jan 04

Hotspots made by the ccd chip

  tbh72 15:21 03 Jan 04

BillyBee, your wife is correct in assuming they are spirit. These are the essence of our souls after we have passed over.....

This could turn into an interesting thread

  Jester2K 15:24 03 Jan 04

Got any more info??

  tbh72 15:26 03 Jan 04

These strange "orbs" have also been caught on 35mm film & video. Whilst technology might go along way in disproving many of them a percentage are unexplained..... For now!!!!

  woodchip 15:27 03 Jan 04

Sun reflection in the lens

  g0nvs 15:27 03 Jan 04

No, it's the Flash.

  tbh72 15:29 03 Jan 04

And come out from behind the sofa!!!!

  BillyBee 15:30 03 Jan 04

have taken several photos one after the other in identical conditions only one or two with circles

  BillyBee 15:35 03 Jan 04

whilst sat at my puter, my wife was watching most haunted, she ran in to grab the camera saying there is a strange shadow over the telly, the photos had dozens of orbs all over them.

sorry i started this thread now.

im now under the bed!

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