What Causes this Corruption ?

  fpg 20:20 05 Nov 10

My inbound Emails have corrupted fonts - what do you think causes this and how is it fixed?

They are like this -
Guidebook had said of Jossy’s: ‘It has a reputation for serving Bangalore’s intelligentsia.’. Perfect,
the parts of India we’ve seen
(I still haven’t found out why they call it ‘trekking’ instead of just, well, ‘walking’.)

All advice appreciated

  fpg 20:25 05 Nov 10

I should have mentioned my system -
Windows 7 with Outlook express and IE8
Word 2007 set to English U.K.

  lotvic 20:31 05 Nov 10

"Windows 7 with Outlook express"

Nah, can't be Outlook express, check again.

  birdface 21:09 05 Nov 10

I read somewhere that you can have Outlook Express if you use Office.
but then again I could be wrong.
Maybe he means Outlook.

  northumbria61 21:59 05 Nov 10

OE replaced by Windows Mail for Windows 7

  northumbria61 22:06 05 Nov 10

Read here about "corrupted" fonts - you may find something that will help - click here

  rdave13 22:16 05 Nov 10

"OE replaced by Windows Mail for Windows 7"
Not so. Windows Mail only for Vista. Windows Live Mail in 7.

  northumbria61 22:18 05 Nov 10

rdave13 - Yes, I stand corrected - must be bedtime!

  fpg 22:55 05 Nov 10

Thanks Northumbria61 I followed the link and there are some leads to follow.
What is odd about the corruption is that the same email message arrives on another Win 7 PC here and it is all OK.
So a receiving PC can corrupt the fonts on an arriving email?

  northumbria61 23:02 05 Nov 10

"So a receiving PC can corrupt the fonts on an arriving email?" Never had that problem myself but it would appear so.

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