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  Condom 12 May 11

Her indoors is off to the Far East in September for 4 months to see the urangatangs in the jungle in Borneo as well as trips to Australia, New Zealand and China with a final stop in Thailand before coming back in December. She was thinking of taking her HP laptop (17" Screen) as well as her iPhone 3G and my Kindle but is now talking about getting an iPad instead.

I'm really still a bit lost with this type of technology so can anyone offer some advice on what she should do with regard to keeping in touch as well as the book reading etc. My concern is the jungle and the weight and I can see the reasoning behind just the one gadget to carry but is one enough? Thanks folks.

  bjh 13 May 11

Less is best in places where you have to carry - and look after - your own gadgets (and chargers). I've spent a bit of time in New Guinea and Madagascar on field trips (after insects, not mammals), and I always found that having spare battery power was better than having another gadget. If a gadget needs replacing in that time (4 months), then the local availability may be questionable, but delivery world-wide is now fast and efficient.

On one trip I had 2 laptops and 2 phones in one bag which, following a long, wet, adventurous trip of three days in the pouring rain, all filed to work! More isn't necessarily better.

I don't have an iPad, so can't comment as constructively as I might, but I have never got the feeling they are particularly tough...


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