What Broadband speed does this equate to?

  Quiller. 22:40 08 May 04

Usually my broadband is in the 1200 to 1600Kbps range.

But this click here

  VoG II 22:42 08 May 04

Which ISP? If you are not on cable broadband you have to take account of contention ratio. In other words, you are not alone.

  Quiller. 22:52 08 May 04

No, I am not on cable but wireless broadband.

Downloads vary between 150Kbps to 500Kbps.

  VoG II 22:58 08 May 04

OK so potentially you are sharing your connection with up to 50 others. If they are all on line KaZaaing or whatever they do then your speed will drop.

On cable this is not the case :o)

  AcidBurn7uk 23:45 08 May 04

click here has a speed tester. Don't know of it worls for all ISP though, or if it will wok for Dial UP, give it a shot.

  Quiller. 00:14 09 May 04

Maximum on line is only 15. Speed is fairly constant, only draw back is the delay to satellite so no good for on line gaming. I don't do that thing so it's alright.

I have this IP address and 4 others. 2 laptops ( 1 Ibook and 1 powerbook) are configured to separate IP addresses. The airport cards pick up the signal with no need for either a lan or wan network. Just downloaded a 500Mb update for the powerbook. 40 minutes for that.


Sorry website will not display.:-(

  Quiller. 00:33 09 May 04

Have tried most from here click here

They are coming back with a similar speed.

click here

Is this normal for 1 or 2Mb broadband?

  DAG88 01:52 09 May 04

click here this is a good speed test.

If you have 1Mb then your paying for 128KB/s so should expect 100+

If you are using 2MB then expect 200+

  DAG88 01:55 09 May 04

btw those speeds will be for download only. expect upload speeds to be less

  Quiller. 02:13 09 May 04

I have tried that site a few times. Every time I click on it I get disconnected. Strange!!!!!!!

Could my security settings be to high?

Price is £29.99 a month. ADSL is due in the village in August, probably for £19.99. But I think I will stay with this service.

In effect I have 3 separate wifi broadband connections with out the need for a router or cabling. All connect happily around 1500Kbps.

Why those speed test are so astronomical, on all machines, is strange.

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