What is the best Web design Qualification?

  pompeyfan0304 24 Aug 09

I’m 21 and I’m thinking of changing career. I was wondering … What is the best Web design Qualification? And where do I start? Where is the best place to gain the qualifications I need?

Hope you can help


  OTT_Buzzard 24 Aug 09

I'm not sure on meaningful qualifications for web design, but a good knowledge of (my)SQL, PHP / ASP, java script and flash seems to be pretty much obligatory these days.

Whatever course you settle for should cover as many of the above as possible.

  Patr100 24 Aug 09

A good portofolio of sites (made for free or paid) is worth far far more than any paper qualification.
You did say Design rather than say coding though a good all round knowledge of other sapects can be learnt with dedication without formal training.

  Forum Editor 24 Aug 09

there's no better qualification than experience. You'll gain the experience by designing and publishing sites, and the way forward is the one suggested by Patr100 - offer some small businesses a free site in return for the opportunity to interpret their brief.

Almost everything you need to know you can teach yourself, but you have to be prepared to work very hard, site design is a fiercely competitive market.

  Ansolan 01 Sep 09

Also worth adding to the good advice above, important to gain an understanding of how sites work with search engines. Not SEO as such, good or bad but a thorough understanding of factors you need to incorporate into the build.

Your future clients might like to admire their site but at the end of the day, how much business that produces may be more important to them.

  splatter 08 Oct 09

A good portfolio, a good understanding of as many things as possible: PHP/mySQL, SQL with VB/C#/ASP.Net, XHTML, CSS, flash, and generally some understanding of the OS to where your site may be deployed

...are just some of the things you will see listed, and more and more often accessibility standards and SEO are desired.

All the qualifications in the world will count for nothing if you have no experience applying those skills.


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