what is best to stop Paypal account being hacked into

  Eileanbeag 12 Aug 11

My friend allowed her antivirus to run out and found that someone was attemping to take money from her Paypal Account. She has now installed and run Norton and it shows clear but should she runany other software? She has a Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 7. Unfortunately she has lost the mirror image of the system that she had to create when she purchased the laptop.

  Sea Urchin 12 Aug 11

Many of the paid for anti-virus programs will automatically take payment each year from a credit card or PayPal account etc. You will find that you "agreed" to it in the small print, but it can be adjusted via the Properties settings of the program.

  Eileanbeag 12 Aug 11

How can she tell if her system is now clean? Norton found nothing

  gengiscant 12 Aug 11

I use Paypal regularly and if she logs in to her account then safety advice (top right)then safety tools then Paypal security key and follow he instructions. I actually have key fob issued by Paypal which generates random numbers each time I need to make a payment.

  Eileanbeag 12 Aug 11

Many thanks


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