What is the best internet server?

  cathcart 21:31 03 Jan 03
  cathcart 21:31 03 Jan 03

I am currently using Tiscali as my internet server and think it is poor! Any ideas! thanks.

  jediknight007 22:08 03 Jan 03

It depends.

  powerless 22:12 03 Jan 03

".......and think it is poor"

What makes it poor?

Simply put there is no best...All depends on where you are in the country, how far you are away from the server, quality of the phone line...

  jazzypop 22:24 03 Jan 03

Personally, I don't believe that all ISPs are created equal (although I agree that 2 people with the same ISP can experience very different results, due to the things that Powerless describes).

If you are looking to change to an unmetered dialup ISP, look at click here - their ISP Wizard is very useful, as are their 'best and worst' league tables.

  Gaz 25 22:44 03 Jan 03

Is your internet slow?

  BBez 22:56 03 Jan 03

Tiscali's been OK the last fortnight but generally can't get connected, low connection speed, can't get e-mail etc (UK)

  Gaz 25 22:59 03 Jan 03

click here for tips on how to improve your Internet speed.

Try click here for a reliable service, good speed and excellent connection and it supports V.92 too.

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