What is the best ADSL wifi router with modem for a BT broadband?

  walber 17 Dec 11

Hello there,

I would like to have some help please.

I leave in a house with 3 floors and we are 8 housemates trying to use the Internet at night. The signal is very weak on the last floor of the house. I have an old BT Homebub (about 3/4 years) but I can't have the latest BT Infinity Hub in my area yet.

So I have been told that if I buy one of the latest routers it would help to solve my problem. I know there is a Netgear N600 or N300 and a Belkin N600 but could someone help me to decide which one could be the best one please?



  Jollyjohn 17 Dec 11

What I would do is buy a second hand router - netgear or Belkin and buy the longest ethernet cable you can, about 10M. Connect the cable to the BT hub and the new router and use the new router as a wireless access point. To get the cable & router up a floor I have run the cable out of a window, and back in one floor up.

A slightly more expensive option is to use Homeplugs / powerline adapters to connect the two routers.

  walber 18 Dec 11

Thanks for your suggestion.

  adumapul 13 Jan 12

BT Voyager 2110 Wireless ADSL Router


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