What is BDE?

  geoff47 23:17 15 May 03

I have just discovered in Control Panel a new addition BDE Administrator.
I must have done something to get this there ...but have no idea what is does or where it came from.
Can some one tell me what it is?
Thanks for any help.

  leo49 23:21 15 May 03

Borland Database Engine - you'll have to check it out on Google.


  mol01 23:22 15 May 03

BDE = borland database engine, well usually. You have a piece of software that uses this to access information. In my case, it was installed by the "comptons interactive cookbook" I got free.

  marjted 23:27 15 May 03

Enter 'BDE Administrator' in Google. There are a number of links there which may be of help.

  geoff47 00:31 16 May 03

I have been on Google and cant make head nor tail of it.....I was trying to find what it was attached to.
I get the idea it must be required by something I have installed but how would I know which program?
I have installed several in the last couple of days...is there anywhere I can look to find out?
Thanks Geoff47

  SurgicalSpirit 09:23 16 May 03

one solution is to locate the bde folder and either rename it or move it, do not uninstall it or delete it then try the programs that you have just installed to find out which one is using it. once you have established that then reverse the action you just took and things should be back to normal. if anything does go amis then you just need to reinstall the program again

  Stuartli 09:49 16 May 03

Borland is a US software developer click here and the database is used by various computer language programmers.

Nothing to worry about just as in the same way you never do so about Java etc.

  geoff47 00:26 17 May 03

I dont understand it all,but it seems I have installed something that requires BDE.
I have downloaded several progs for business use,which I havn't even used as yet,presumably it is attached to one of these.
I dont understand a lot of the happenings on the PC,but will take the advice given hear and ignore it,and carry on regardless.
I actually researched most of the links before posting....but wanted lay terms...words of re assurance that all was well.
Thanks for all your efforts.

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