What is with AVG?letting stuff in it shouldnt!

  wots it all about 10:45 02 Dec 05

I have all the usual defences installed including AVG, fully updated and regularly run. I also run several on-line scanners, and in fact it was Panda, Ewido and Kaspersky that have picked up loads of viruses I seem to have acquired. Why did AVG let them in? I know they are trojans but even so.When I run AVG it doesnt even pick anything up.Anyone else have any probs with AVG?

  Chief Estimator 10:48 02 Dec 05

The proplem may be that AVG has stopped and placed them in the vault. When conducting a scan with another piece of software it sees these and thinks its found something new. Suggest you look at what AVG has deleted

  wots it all about 10:53 02 Dec 05

Thank you for that.

Ok, have emptied the vault, but still not happy that they got in in the first place!!

  wots it all about 10:55 02 Dec 05

Sorry, just re-read your post, and see what you mean, but the files were actually on the PC, as I have manually traced them and removed them.

  Chief Estimator 10:56 02 Dec 05

Would suggest you run scans again to see result. I think you'll find that they didn't get through, they were actually stopped in thier tracks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 02 Dec 05

You cannot stop the files getting on the PC if you surf dubiuos site (screensavers, ringtones are are prime source)

The Antivirus software is there to detect - delete or quarentine files that become infected. AVG has done this.

Some files that are infected are necessary for the running of windows or other programs and are quarentined rather than deleted, nw you have manually deleted them you may find that some programs will not run and require a reinstall.

Sometimes windows becomes so badly infected that specialist help is required from sites like Malware.com to get the system running again without losing all your precious data photos etc.

The only way not to get infected is don't surf, don't recieve emails and don't install anything.

  jimv7 14:26 02 Dec 05

To add to Fruit Bat /\0/\'s post, if any site you visit asks to download a file to improve your viewing, don't, close the window via the red cross in the corner, never click the 'NO' tab.

plus before running a scan, remember that xp saves files for system restore, it might be where the nasties are lurking.

  Batch 17:09 02 Dec 05

AVG Free does not do on the fly scanning of internet activity, so viruses can be downloaded into your temporary internet files and are sitting there dormant and AVG will not have detected them (yet).

AVG should detect when you do a full system scan or if you try to access (execute) them - I have recently had an instance of this where my daily full scan detected the virus in temporary internet files.

  PaulB2005 18:38 02 Dec 05

"AVG Free does not do on the fly scanning of internet activity, so viruses can be downloaded into your temporary internet files and are sitting there dormant and AVG will not have detected them (yet)."


It's possible thewy are downloaded, sit there dormant, then AVG is updated and then the Full System Scan detects them due to the update.

I have seen AVG detect malware from webpages many times as it's come in.

  PaulB2005 18:40 02 Dec 05

Try the EICAR test click here and you'll see it detect it in the temporary internet files.

  wots it all about 20:46 02 Dec 05

Just a note: AVG didnt detect some of the infected files during a system scan, it was Ewido, kaspersky and panda.

I do run CCleaner weekly too, so any temp files are emptied.

I seem to be clear now though, so thanks to all who replied.

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