what is the average heat off a 2Ghz Althon Xp

  Weeby Vuit 11:21 15 Jan 03
  Weeby Vuit 11:21 15 Jan 03

what is the average heat off a 2Ghz Althon Xp

Because i think it is running to high it is about 54 C - 59 C

  jazzypop 11:35 15 Jan 03

54 - 59, although a little on the high side, is in the acceptable range according to AMD.

1. The temperature of the CPU will increase as it works harder (e.g. while playing games)

2. The exact position of the thermal probe on the motherboard makes a difference as to what temperature is reported, as does the accuracy of the probe

3. The same CPU, doing the same 'work', can run at very different temperatures on 2 PCs with different cooling arrangements.

Therefore, it is very difficult to give an 'average' temperature.

On a side note, the average temperature of a CPU, and the amount of heat given off, are not the same thing at all.

  kchakrak 11:38 15 Jan 03

well my 1600+ (1.4Ghz) runs at 73 C and that is well to high so ur is probably a little high, i would try to get it to 30-40 C

  Weeby Vuit 11:38 15 Jan 03

will 4 case fans blasting the processor make a difference

  jazzypop 11:47 15 Jan 03

Maybe. Case fans do not necessarily 'blast the processor'.

If you are looking for specific cooling advice, there are many, many sites devoted to just that. They have detailed diagrams, charts, evaluation of kit, etc.

Try click here , or just type 'pc cooling' into Google.

  Psiman 11:58 15 Jan 03

A normal running temperature for your CPU in the '50 degree range is not a problem.

The design temperature for an Athlon (normal working temperature plus a factor of + 10%) last time I looked at AMD's data sheet was 90 degC so you are well short of that. Above 60 degC... I would start to question your computer case cooling regime.

  Weeby Vuit 12:08 15 Jan 03

i have a mini tower and the CPU and FAN are right under the power supply, with about 1 inch gab.

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