What are meant by "Startups tabs"

  pollpott 23:40 23 Jan 05

I am using "The ultimate Troubleshooter" and it tells me to disable certain things in the startups tab. I cannot find this ,what does it mean?

  LeadingMNMs 23:42 23 Jan 05

Don't know exactly what your doing but click on 'Run' and type "msconfig" The right most tab is labelled startup.

  ACOLYTE 23:55 23 Jan 05

Unless the program you are using has a startup tab?,i would be careful what you stop from running in msconfig at most its only for diagnostic problem solving and not meant to be used as a permanent way too disable startup items,you may stop somthing you need,if you have a problem post it on here.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:52 24 Jan 05

click on START > ALL PROGRAMS > STARTUP > and see if the offending program is in here. If it is right click on it and choose delete from the menu. Don't delete it from the recycle bin just yet, in case you need to restore it....TT

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