What are Hex Editors

  Arokh. 02:03 09 May 04

Can anyone tell me what are Hex Editors and What do they do?
Regards Arokh

  hugh-265156 02:09 09 May 04

they allow you to view the code in the software and make changes.

you need to be able to understand gobbletygook though to put them to much use though.

popular one is ultraedit click here used by many to hack the bios of graphics cards :-)

  Arokh. 02:11 09 May 04

Is it tech Iligal though?

  hugh-265156 02:21 09 May 04

no not illegal at all.

I'm sure in the wrong hands they could be used for illegal purposes though.

  Arokh. 02:29 09 May 04

Thank you huggyg71

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