what am i doing wrong with my page links...

  athenrye 17:09 11 Oct 08

my site click here is fine
but when i click on a page link or file, say my adverts page, the address has 2 html in it
click here

i use compila as my webspce server, my directory where i post my site to is public_html

i use net ojects fusion to make and ftp my site

any ideas what i have to do guys to get rid of at least 1 html

  athenrye 19:56 11 Oct 08

hi mate
sorry about that, yes i did take my site down for some glitches i had, its been up a few years now and im working on it...

i forgot that PC advisor changes the links to click here, doh!

my site is www then cscbadges.co.uk/
my pages are cscbadges.co.uk/html/adverts.html

the two htmls
i hope the click here isnt affected them


  mco 21:28 11 Oct 08

as long as your page loads ok. I knew as soon as I saw it that you must be using netobjects fusion as it puts the pages of a site into a folder called html so this is normal. Forget about it :)

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