What to add to increase speed...?

  stu1901 20:13 18 Jul 04

I want to upgrade some componants of my computer to make it faster.

At the moment its 1.4Ghz (AMD), 256Mb ram and 40Gb hard drive and it's running Windows XP.

If i buy more memory and another hard drive ( iwant to edit some video so need more space) would the speed of the computer be much faster or would i need a faster cpu too.

I don't know the model of the Motherboard. I check today and i found a chip with the code Asus AS99127F.

If i add a new CPU, more memory or another hard drive do i just need to slot them in and connect them or will i have to go into the bios (i think that is what it is?)

Thanks Alot.

  flyingpeterpan 20:33 18 Jul 04

Just add more RAM and bigger HDD won't make the PC go faster, you need a faster CPU. More Mobo info needed, you can see the model no stamped on it, just open up the case if you can, there is a limit of how fast CPU it can support, the bios should pick it up when you put the new components in though I will clear the COMOS first.

  andrew-196854 20:36 18 Jul 04

i should find out if that is your motherboard as they will only go up to a certain speed the max it would take you could try running a program called sandra it will tell you and then go to the asus website to find out what is the max memory you can install and what sort

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:45 18 Jul 04

Faster CPU more mem and a large HDD require for Video editing.

PC inventory takers :-
Aida32 click here
Belarc advisor click here

Either of these progs will tell you what is installed in your PC, once you know the MOBO then may be a BIOS upgrade will allow you to fit a bigger CPU.

  stu1901 21:36 18 Jul 04

Thanks... I have looked at one of those links and my motherboard is the Asus A7A266.
click here#
click here

It says it can take up to 2GB ram, so thats ok. But in the processor bit it says 1Ghz+ so does that mean i have no limitations?


  Androcles 21:57 18 Jul 04

If you're going to upgrade remember the golden rule.
If you can't double it don't do it!
CPU 1.4Ghz go to 2.8Ghz or higher.
256Mb ram go to 512Mb ram or higher.
40Gb Hard drive go to 80Gb or higher.
You don't have to do these upgrades all at once.
I suggest you start with upgrading your Ram,this is the cheapest and fastest upgrade,you only need to slot this in and it will be recognized automatically.After that I would go for a faster CPU and depending on the storage space you need go to 180Gb hard drive.

  andrew-196854 22:02 18 Jul 04

there is a max you can install and yes you do have limitations i think

  pmjd 22:03 18 Jul 04

I did a search and found the fastest processor you can go for is an Athlon XP 2600+ BUT it must be the 266MHz FSB version. Any faster and it's new motherboard time...

  Bagsey 08:12 19 Jul 04

If your main reason for upgrading your machine is for video editing then you need as much hd space as you can afford and you need a fast HD (7200) Also remember that extra ram speeds up your work because your computer can do things in memeory that it would otherwise have to write as temp files to your HD. Also make sure that your HD is formatted for NTFS file system or you will run into file size limitations. ie. video of only about 15 to 20 minutes length. You would be have any length of video in one capture file in NTFS. I would go for the extra RAM first plus the HD. I video edited for a long time with a much slower processor than yours without any hassle. Video takes a lot of HD space (about 4gig for 18 minutes is a figure that comes to mind) and RAM ( I use 1 gig but would like more)

  accord 08:39 19 Jul 04

My view is to buy a motherboard, cpu and ram upgrade from the likes of click here or click here from this you can still use your existing HDD until you decide to upgrade that.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:23 19 Jul 04

If you do go the route of a new motherboard bundle (a recommended route to my mind) you may also need a new PSU; the one that came with your machine may not have the power for a PIV processor and it's likely that even higher Athlons will need more power.

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