What is acceptable?

  Stoneywood 19:12 11 Feb 09

I am signed up to 2Mb/s and was informed last year that I was being upgraded to my line max 5Mb/s
What I actually got was 1.8 - 2.2Mb/s, but this could drop to 200 kb./s in early evening.

I can live with 2.0, but with drops to near "dial-up speeds" I had to give up.

Most people concede that there will always be a "drop off" at peak times, but
what is acceptable?

  MAJ 19:15 11 Feb 09

Which ISP?

  MAT ALAN 19:18 11 Feb 09

what is acceptable? NONE of it, the problem is, what do you do about it, change your ISP and find yourself in the same position.
I have every sympathy for you when all you want is a fair deal,all i can do is wish you well in your quest to find the answer...

  DippyGirl 19:20 11 Feb 09

Early evening just ran three tests - averages at 7055/1074 (down/up)
Thats on an O2 8mb unlimited contract (very very good deal if you have an O2 mobile)
Yes I am quite close to an exchange - but they are also a great ISP

  Stoneywood 19:20 11 Feb 09

I don't want to say just now, as they have recently improved the service.
I am still a bit peeved as no-one would address, what I thought to be an unacceptable speed drop off.

  MAJ 19:27 11 Feb 09

The reason we like to know the ISP is because if it's someone like Tiscali then we can be pretty sure it's their service, if it was O2 or Talktalk, it's probably not their service causing the problem. If it IS Tiscali, then you're better off than some of their customers who get a lot less than 200kbps at this time of day. No it's not acceptable, but what can you do other than change ISP?

  Stoneywood 19:32 11 Feb 09


My ISP has bumped me up to 5000, with a drop off to about 3300 evenings and weekends
OK, but still haggeling about cost.
Reason for tight lip.

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