Were's my "brightness" on my laptop (power saver)

  AllZwell 17:22 09 Mar 07


Having freshly installed Vista home premium on my Toshiba A100 920 to I no longer have the software that came with my laptop. Thus I can't find the battery power saver that came with it. The main one was to "dim" the brightness, but can't seem to find it now. Anyone know were I can find it, or perhaps there are some utilities I can download to set my brightness/CPU settings etc - unless Vista has one, but all I see is "Sleep" settings, and "turn off the display" settings, No CPU, brightness etc.



  skidzy 17:28 09 Mar 07

Make and Model of the laptop would be a good start ?

  skidzy 17:28 09 Mar 07

Check your FN keys first.....

  AllZwell 17:42 09 Mar 07

Make and model are in my first post? (Satellite Toshiba A100 920), will check out the FN key, thanks:)


  moorie- 17:55 09 Mar 07

fn+f6 should work

  AllZwell 18:00 09 Mar 07

Seeems that the FN keys has no effect now:( but in the manual it is FN+6/FN+7 to increase/decrease the brightness respectably - don't work ATM though!


  moorie- 18:17 09 Mar 07

you could search your model to see if theres a driver for it,just an idea!
click here

  woodchip 18:19 09 Mar 07

Your findings should work. As it does with my Medion, try tapping the f6/f7 keys while holding fn

  moorie- 18:22 09 Mar 07

this link seems better
vista drivers
click here

  skidzy 18:24 09 Mar 07

My apologies AllZwell i totally missed the make and model.

  woodchip 18:33 09 Mar 07

You need to download the Keyboard Drivers from Toshiba. Download all the drivers for you Laptop click here

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