WEP KeyQuery

  TomG 18:29 06 Sep 05

I have a home wireless network using Belkin products. I have set up a WEP key and all works well.

I recently bought a Dell laptop (Win 98) which came with a Farallon Skyline wireless network card, I've tried to set it up on my home network, It can find the network OK but I have a problem with the wep key, My Belkin products require a 26 digit/character key but the skyline card is looking for either a passphrase or a key which only seems to be 10 digits/characters long.

Can I use the skyline card or doo I have to get another belkin card?


  bosmere 18:38 06 Sep 05

I had the same problem between PC and laptop. I changed to the lowest number of digits.

  TomG 18:44 06 Sep 05

Sorry - do you mean that I just select the first 10 digits of the key?

  bosmere 19:02 06 Sep 05

No - changed the key for router and PC to accommodate the laptop.

  TomG 20:26 06 Sep 05

not worth the hassle - will try and pick up a 2nd hand card

  Strawballs 20:38 06 Sep 05

click here This should cover your needs only £18

  scotty 21:28 06 Sep 05

WEP comes in two levels, 64 bit and 128 bit. Sounds like the laptop is set to 64 bit and the rest to 128. If laptop supports 128 then change it, else you need to set all other equipment to 64 bit.

  TomG 18:48 07 Sep 05

Thanks all - I'll change the card

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