Well used address suddenly goes 'unroutable'

  jack 14:30 09 Nov 04

An educational support forum I use a lot[up 20 messages a day] has suddenly[last night] become 'unroutable and have been 'bounced' by my ISP and good old Deamon
The method of contact is variable - ie a new string would be from my address book or a reply by the reply button[back whence it came]
both methods 'bounced'
I queried the ISP and they sent a test message.
I mailed direct to a list member and he responded that he has no trouble. So I am getting theirs and they are getting mine, but the forum remains
So whats up docs?

  Graham ® 14:39 09 Nov 04

I would clear your browser cache.

  jack 19:36 09 Nov 04

Thank you for that suggestion Graham, it is cleared every other day, but I did any way
no joy here.
As I said normal main comes and goes, it seems it is this one alone that is bouncing.

  Dorsai 19:44 09 Nov 04

Could you perhaps post the address for the site in question? That way some one else can try it, and see if they get problems too. Perhaps it is just 'having a crashed server day'.

  jack 19:55 09 Nov 04

You could be right Dorsai.
Its a members only site so you have to be retired and sign on.
Its master is on holiday and left the system on, perhaps the kids have run riot around it.
We'll have wait n see

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