Welcome back

  Jackcoms 13:01 01 Mar 05

Where's the site been?

  Completealias 13:02 01 Mar 05

No idea been trying 2 get in all lunchtime

  Stuartli 13:05 01 Mar 05

You should be able to work out that, as the last postings before the disappearance were approximately 10-15am, that's how long it is since the site went down.

  Old Shep 13:06 01 Mar 05

What sad people we are Ive been trying to get on for nearly 2 hours. Talk about withdrawal symptoms

  Demonstar_T 13:08 01 Mar 05

Hmmm, been blaming my pc for the fact that I could not log :)

  Jackcoms 13:08 01 Mar 05

And I claim the prize for the first post since the site came back up! ;-)

  Completealias 13:15 01 Mar 05

I know me 2 been cursing the college network 4 the prob

  Magik ®© 13:17 01 Mar 05

perhaps PCA could do with a back up site, so when things go down the kermit, they could ask the members how to fix it... :-))

  mammak 13:19 01 Mar 05

Sigh so it wasent my comp after all.

  Giant68 13:24 01 Mar 05

But it gave me time to run a few housecleaning chores on my PC!!


  dagwoood 13:31 01 Mar 05

I'm assuming the site was down for some house keeping as it's flying along here(not that it was slow before I hasten to add :) )!

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